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Standards and classifications of fireproof glass doors

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Standards and classifications of fireproof glass doors

  There are two types of fireproof glass doors according to their materials:steel fireproof glass doors and wooden fireproof glass doors.The most commonly used ones are generally steel fireproof glass doors.The door frames and doors of glass fireproof doors are imported or domestic tip of the cold-rolled steel,galvanized steel or stainless steel made of.

  The inside of the fire door glass door is filled with aluminum silicate fiber cotton with a temperature resistance of more than 1200℃,and the surface is also treated with electrostatic spray.The stainless steel fire lock or tube well lock,steel galvanized or stainless steel is matched with the fire glass door.Fire-resistant hinges,let’s introduce some features of fire-resistant glass doors.

  Standards for fireproof glass doors

  The fire resistance limit of fireproof glass doors is divided into***,B,and C(respectively 1.2h,0.9h,0.6h),and it also has good sound insulation effect.The sound insulation index of the glass door of the C fire door is RW≥23dB,the most outstanding feature of fireproof glass door is transparent and beautiful.It plays a decorative role very well.

  The main specifications for fire-resistant glass doors are that the door leaf and the interior of the door frame of the fire-resistant glass door should be filled with non-natural filling materials.The door frame,door leaf panel and other reinforcement components should be made of cold-rolled thin steel plate and the best fire-resistant glass.The thickness of the door panel of the door is 1.5mm,the panel of the door leaf is made of steel plate after 1.2mm,the reinforcement is steel plate after 1.5mm,and the reinforcement is also provided with spirals,and the thickness of the steel plate is not less than 3.0mm.

  The door frame of the fireproof glass door should adopt a sealed groove,and the sealing strip made of non-combustible materials should be embedded in the groove.The glass fireproof door should be equipped with different fireproof glass according to the fire rating.The glass should be surrounded by aluminum silicate.The fiberboard is well cushioned.The melting temperature of the locks,hinges,bolts and other hardware accessories on the fireproof glass door should not be lower than 950℃.The hinges installed on the door must not use bidirectional springs.

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