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Luoyang Jinjia production capacity technology double upgrade

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Luoyang Jinjia production capacity technology double upgrade

  Luoyang Jinjia production capacity technology double upgrade

  Accompanied by the sound of machinery starting,the Luoyang Jinjia production line was in full swing to catch up with orders.More than 200 workers were performing their duties,and all tasks were carried out in an orderly manner.

  Just yesterday,a brand new customized version of the fire-resistant glass tempering unit was assembled and constructed in the workshop of Jinjia in Luoyang.While the technicians were doing post-mortem debugging,they also provided pre-job training for the operators.The site was busy and orderly.

  Despite many difficulties this year,Luoyang Jinjia still has not stopped its development.With the nationwide resumption of work and production,Luoyang Jinjia fireproof glass orders continue to grow.The company actively adjusts its production mode.For this reason,it has specially purchased and customized a new horizontal roller pass type fireproof glass tempering unit and supporting facilities,which greatly improved The production capacity of fireproof glass products and the fireproof performance of the products,while adjusting the production mode to improve the dual control of safety and quality.This new unit has ultra-fine temperature control zone technology,alternating furnace wire arrangement technology,and multiple air hole arrangements Technology,advanced furnace body insulation technology,advanced box-type convection technology and other advanced technologies belong to the special unit for high-strength fireproof glass,and can also process new high borosilicate 4.0 fireproof glass.

  Luoyang Jinjia Fireproof Glass Co.,Ltd.constantly improves and updates its production model to serve the increasing order volume with better technology and products,and at the same time delivers high-quality and safer fireproof glass products to customers who trust Jinjia.The most sincere integrity and responsibility of people to customers and end users.

  At present,our production capacity and the number of orders have surpassed the previous levels,achieving both production and sales prosperity.All production lines have been fully powered up and are producing at full capacity.Work overtime 24 hours to catch up.Next,the company will continue to increase speed and efficiency,innovate in fire-resistant glass technology,improve its technical level,and strive to become the largest domestic fire-resistant glass manufacturer.




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