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What is the difference between fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition wall (fireproof glass wall)?

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What is the difference between fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition wall (fireproof glass wall)?

  Fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition wall(fireproof glass wall)are two different products.What is the specific difference?Let me briefly explain it for you.

  One.The walls have been separated by glass for many years.Its main advantages are:it improves the transparency and brightness of the building,is lighter than the traditional wall,can increase the effective use area ofthe building,and the construction speed is fast.But fireproof glass and fireproof glass partition wall are two different products.Fireproof glass is only a component or accessory of fireproof glass partition wall.It is installed in combination with the bezel and fireproof sealing material to form a fireproof glass partition(fireproof glass wall).

  Two.The boundary between the use of heat-insulated and non-insulated partition walls is not clear:if non-insulated fire-resistant glass is used as the constituent material of the fire-resistant glass partition,the flame will pass through the glass by means of heat radiation and heat conduction,making the glass back to the fire surface The temperature continues to rise.When it reaches a certain level,the heat will cause people or combustibles to burn or ignite without touching the flame.

  three.Problems in the construction of fireproof glass partition walls:Fireproof glass partition walls are composed of fireproof glass,frames,sealing materials,cushions and other fireproof components.It is a complete system,and the fireproof frame is one of the most important components.At present,the domestic market's awareness that fire-resistant glass partitions are a complete system has not yet been widespread.There is no standard product construction manual for the installation of fire-resistant glass partitions,and the construction unit does not have special qualification requirements.Therefore,it is often seen that decoration companies purchase fire-resistant glass according to design requirements and install it by themselves.The fire-resistant glass product report shall be provided at the time of acceptance,and the material structure of the fire-resistant glass partition wall for fire resistance test shall be selected for the frame and hardware accessories.

  Four.The fireproof glass on the fireproof glass partition wall is mixed with the fireproof door:the large area fireproof glass door matched with the fireproof glass partition wall during the construction process generally adopts floor-standing springless doors,most of which have no sealing system and cannot be used as fire doors.In order to be beautiful in certain places,some owners use fireproof glass doors where they must be used.However,the product name on the inspection report provided is often fireproof glass partition wall or fireproof glass.

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