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The working principle of fireproof glass door, what are its advantages?

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The working principle of fireproof glass door, what are its advantages?

  The working principle of fireproof glass door,what are its advantages?

  As society advances,the use of space in modern architecture more refined,so fire safety is bound to become an important thing,all preventive measures to avoid accidents of occurrence.Fire-resistant glass doors play a great role as an important part of fire safety.So what is the working principle of fireproof glass doors?What are the properties of fireproof glass doors?Luoyang Jinjia Fireproof Glass Co.,Ltd.will give you a brief explanation below.

  The working principle of fireproof glass door

  Fireproof glass doors are also called glass fireproof doors.In addition to the internal frame structure of the product,large-area fireproof glass is used.Once a fire occurs,the fireproof liquid in the fireproof glass will foam and expand after absorbing a large amount of heat,and become an opaque substance,effectively preventing people To the panic that occurred when the fire broke out.It can also effectively prevent the heat generated by combustion from being conducted from the fire surface to the back fire surface and prevent the transfer of heat radiation,so that escape or rescue personnel in the back fire surface area are protected from high temperature,toxic gas and heat radiation burns.Prevent combustible materials in the area ofthe backfire surface from being ignited by high temperature and thermal radiation within a certain period of time

  Advantages of fireproof glass doors

  1,fire resistance can

  A good fire-proof glass door is made after many burn-in tests.After burn-in,it can maintain its integrity within 90 minutes or even longer.The heat-insulating fire-proof glass door will remain intact when a fire occurs The temperature of the back fire surface is very safe.If an accident happens accidentally,the fireproof glass door at this time can be used as the door of life to buy more precious time for people to escape and rescue firefighters.

  2.High weather resistance

  Compared with ordinary fire doors,glass fire doors are not only beautiful,but high weather resistance is its outstanding feature,and it can withstand wind and sun.

  4.High strength

  Under the same thickness,its fireproof glass strength is 6-12 times that of float glass and 1.5-3 times that of tempered glass.

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