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Laminated Glass is made by laminating two or more sheets of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer(PVB> EVA or SGP).The glass and interlayer are bonded together by heat and pressure. Laminated glass is a kind of safety glass and is hard to break. The glass may be retained in its frame even if being broken.


1 .Safety: Because laminated glass cannot be cut with glass cutter, and costs long time and caused loud noise when being punctured with other tools, the laminated glass has strong prevention to malicious damage, stealing and violent invasion.

2, Hurricane and Earthquake Proof Properties: When the glass undergoes external force, it just generates cracks and avoids splashing fragments, so it is widely used for building material in hurricane zone and earthquake zone.

3, Bulletproof and Explosion Proof Properties: It can be made into bulletproof glass and high-strength explosion proof glass by compounding with sheets of glass by PVB at different thickness.

4, Noise Reduction: Absorbing sound wave, reducing noise. 6mm laminated glass could reduce noise about 35dB.

5.Shielding and Glare Control: weakens sunlight radiation and glare.

7, UV Elimination: eliminates 99% UV while allowing visible light to pass through, thereby protecting furniture, carpet and indoor decorations from color fading.

Color Diversity: Make products into various colors or patterns according to customer demands to meet design requirements. Applications

Windows & Doors,Curtain Wall.Glass Ceiling^kylight, Glass partition, Show Window and aquarium etc

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