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Hollow fireproof glass

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Detailed description

Hollow fireproof glass is between every two adjacent pieces of glass of multiple pieces of glass, and the surroundings are sealed and isolated by a supporting frame to form a sealed space. The non-sealed space is sealed and filled with outer sealant. One or more pieces of glass are used for single A piece of fireproof glass, the contact surface between the support frame and the glass is bonded with an inner layer of sealant. The support frame has an inner hollow structure and is filled with desiccant. It has a rectangular structure. The chamfered structure made of two right angles on the outer edge makes the outer layer The sealant has good fixing conditions, is not easy to be deformed and damaged, and has better sealing performance and radiation resistance than conventional glass. It fully guarantees that there is no condensation, no stains, and no deformation of the rubber strip during long-term use. Fire-resistant hollow glass is used in buildings to effectively prevent fire, and its good comprehensive performance makes it widely used in modern buildings.

Energy-saving hollow fireproof glass can be based on customer needs:

●Customized LOW-E hollow fireproof glass.

●Frosted hollow fireproof glass.

●Laminated hollow fireproof glass.

●Three-glass two-cavity hollow fireproof glass

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