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layered fire resistant glass

Product Name: layered fire resistant glass



Product Categorization: Fireproof glass

Detailed description

     layered fire resistant glass is a gluing process in which high transparent fire retardant fireproof liquid is poured in the middle of double-layer glass. It is often used in shopping malls, steel or wooden doors and windows, etc. When a fire occurs, the fireproof liquid in the middle of the composite fireproof glass absorbs a large amount of heat from the flame, foams and expands, and becomes an opaque substance, which effectively prevents people from being exposed to the fire. The panic that appeared at the time. It can also effectively prevent the heat generated by combustion from being conducted from the fire surface to the back fire surface and prevent the transfer of heat radiation, so that escape or rescue personnel in the back fire surface area are protected from high temperature, toxic gas and heat radiation burns. Prevent the combustible materials in the fire-back area from being ignited by high temperature and thermal radiation within a certain period of time, thereby preventing the fire from spreading further. It has the advantages of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving


Scope of application

●Fireproof partition

●Fireproof glass windows

●Fireproof glass door

●Fire barriers in the atrium of the building

●Fire screen

●Steel or wooden fire doors

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