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Single Fireproof Glass

Product Name: Single Fireproof Glass



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Detailed description

Single Fireproof Glass is a kind of curtain wall glass(or window glass) with anti-fire function, it is made from processed float glass.Both fire resistance glass surfaces have the same fire proof effect,and the surface compression is much higher than normal tempered glass,which is above 150MPabut normal tempered glass with same thickness is between can keep intact within 60-120 minutes,and prevent dispersion of high-temperature toxic gas from flame, fume and burning, maintain excellent transmission that is good for people to do fire fighting,thus saving precious time for escaping.

Fire Resistance Glass adequately meets fire and impact resistance requirements and can be divided into following levels according to Chinese Fire Resistance Integrity Standards,180min150min,120min, 90min 60min30min.Our fire resistance glass can reach C class, 180min.


Fire-resistant:C class according to GB standardjt could meet integrity requirements.

Safety: Small granules after breakage is without hurting people Strength:Surface compression is much higher than normal tempered glass Thermal Stability:Better tolerance of temperature difference than normal tempered glass Processable: Can be further processed into coated glass, double glazing, laminated glass etc.


Fire-proof glass could be used in exhibition hall,bank,hospital,store house.super market and other industrial or commercial buildings

which are required to be protected for accident


Maximum dimension(mm): 2400 x 3660mm 

Minimum dimension(mm): 300 x 300mm 

Thickness(mm): 5 -19mm

Fire-proof time:30min,60 min,90min,120min,150 min,180 min 

Quality Standard

Conforming to GB 15763.1-2009(Fire Resistance Glass),Chinese Standard.

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