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Nano-silicon composite fireproof glass

Product Name: Nano-silicon composite fireproof glass



Product Categorization: Fireproof glass

Detailed description

Nano-silicon composite fireproof glass is a new type of fireproof glass composed of highly transparent and hard nano-silicon fireproof glue and glass. Nano-silicon fireproof glue is a hard inorganic transparent fireproof crystal. Each piece of glass goes through more than 20 processes. It takes more than 200 hours to complete production. It is the preferred product for exterior fire-resistant windows and fire-resistant windows. This product is a class A and C fireproof glass with high transparency, no color change and no degumming.

The fireproof glue used in nano silicon fireproof glass is "nano silicon" fireproof glue. It is a new type of hard inorganic transparent "fireproof glue" developed by our company. It has high strength, high adhesion, high transparency, stability and weather resistance. Strong, good fire performance, etc., can be combined with hollow, LOW-E hollow, tempered, laminated, bulletproof, artistic and other functional glass to form a variety of functional fire-resistant glass

Product performance characteristics:

1. Hard and high transparency.

2. Stable performance, long-lasting, five-year or even ten-year warranty.

3. Green environmental protection, food-grade fireproof material.

4. Fireproof performance has EW/EI series C and A fireproof series.

5. Break through the technical bottleneck of the industry and can be used for fireproof curtain walls.

Fire protection principle:

When a fire occurs, the glass on the fire surface explodes quickly after being exposed to high temperatures, and the fireproof adhesive layer begins to foam and expand, and absorbs the high heat brought by the flame combustion to form an opaque fireproof adhesive sheet, which has strong hardness, namely It can effectively isolate flames, smoke and toxic gases, and block the heat from flame burning.

Uses of nano silicon fireproof glass:

1. Replace imported high-quality fireproof glass

2. Instead of a single piece of fireproof glass, it has super stability and has the function of preventing heat radiation.

3. Instead of traditional grouting composite fireproof glass, water glass composite fireproof glass.

4. It can be made as special fireproof glass for exterior wall (both inner and outer glass can be toughened).

5. Meet various fire protection functions and demand areas

Product thickness: 12mm, 20mm, 28mm, 35mm, 54mm

Executive standard: BSEN1634-1:2008 GB15763.1-2009

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